New Popsicle Modeling Cooling Chew Dog Toys

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The popsicle on the bottom of the toy is made of nylon, which is very chewy. It can be directly extracted and used as another kind of molar toy for pet dogs. You can also apply special toothpaste or food attractant on the teeth cleaning channel of the toy, which will have better teeth cleaning effect on the dog and truly realize the function of brushing the dog's teeth when playing.

Cool and quench thirst toys put the toys in clean water, squeeze the top of the toys with your fingers, let the water flow into the toys through the hollow holes, and then put the toys horizontally in the refrigerator freezer. After freezing for 1-2 hours, you can take them out and lick them to cool the dogs. When the dog is playing and biting, the toy is heated, and the melted ice water will flow out with the hollow hole, which can be used to quench the dog's thirst.

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