Soft Padded Mesh Harness Vest Leash

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Soft Padded Mesh Harness Vest Leash

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  • Material:Nylon + flannel
  • Soft flannel padded, very comfortable to wear
  • Adjustable design, fit for small medium dogs, cats, chihuahua, Pug, Yorkshire, etc
  • Size:


Made of high-quality material, this soft padded mesh harness vest leash is both cozy and skin-friendly that your dog would love to wear. This vest is made with breathable air-mesh fabric that provides comfort to your pet while the harness is designed in a way that it won’t strain the dog. 

The soft padded mesh harness vest leash from Perfect 4 Pet is so comfortable that your pet would like to wear it all the time. The jacket is thick and can protect your dog from the harsh chilled weather during the winter season.

Perfect 4 Pet’s soft padded mesh harness vest leash is suitable for your pet dog as the weight of the jacket is evenly distributed on its back and the entire body lowering the risk of neck and back injuries while easier on your arms and back as well. The harness also allows you to control your dog or provide mobility aid as necessary, making them useful for both you and your puppy in moving and training. Made with durable fabric, this soft padded mesh harness vest leash keeps your dog safe during evening walks and other low-light situations. 

A happy dog is a healthy dog. While some dogs enjoy staying active with their owners, others are overweight for a variety of reasons. Perfect 4 Pet offers a soft padded mesh harness vest leash that keeps your dog fit even when it’s at home. 

You won’t have to worry about your dog’s safety outside as this soft padded mesh harness vest leash is made to give better security and prevent running away into traffic and other high-risk areas. It covers a major part of your pet’s body that protects it against other dog and wild animal attacks. Though not fully bite-proof, it is a life-saving jacket. This soft padded mesh harness vest leash proves to be highly beneficial both in the city and rural outdoor places. 

Especially big and strong dogs can be difficult to control when taking a walk outside with exciting stimuli and scents. Perfect 4 Pet’s soft padded mesh harness vest leash will facilitate keeping your excited pet under control when it wants to go after a bird, dog, or cat on the route. If you start using this soft padded mesh harness vest leash for your pet pooch, you’ll be able to control its pulling behavior that it does with a collar leash. It discourages its forward motion and makes it difficult for your pet to run away.  

Please measure your pet's back, neck, and chest lengths before comparing them to our size chart to determine the most appropriate size for your pet. If you are unsure about how to choose the size of this soft padded mesh harness vest leash, please contact us before placing an order.

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